Choosing Your Words Wisely As A Leader

The phrase “I was left with no other choice” makes me cringe when I hear leaders say it. 

As leaders, we have to be very aware of the language we use. All eyes and ears are on us and choosing the right words to say is important.

Words have an impact on us. The words we choose have an impact on how others perceive us and how they react to our messages.

When somebody says “I was left with no other choice” what they’re saying is that they don’t take any responsibility for the consequences that come from that “choice”. It removes any sense of accountability. 

In a growing business, we’re faced with making decisions all day long. Our team relies on us to make the best ones. Sometimes we’re faced with solving a problem where the solutions aren’t ideal. 

One example is giving a client a refund for poor communication or expectations. Your choice is really between asking for refund approval or having a hard conversation with your client. The choice may not be easy, but it is a choice. 

Giving a refund because “there was no other choice” costs the company money. It may be the right choice, but you may also be choosing to devalue your work and miss an opportunity to work on your client relationship skills.

It’s our responsibility to understand our choices. To choose what we think is the best. And to own the outcomes of our decisions.

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